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Value+ Bio-Composting System

A Cost Effective Integrated Waste Management Solution to achieve Sustainable Environment for Palm Oil Mills

Background - Source of Waste & Its Apllication

Waste generated by a palm oil mill are mainly EFB & POME.

EFB is rich in nutrients and contains reasonable amounts of trace elements.Therefore, they are used in mulching that reduces fertilizer cost. However, this direct application of EFB is getting less economical due to rising cost in labour and transportation.


ATG's Solution for POM Zero Waste Management

Value+ Bio-Composting System is an INTEGRATED WASTE SOLUTION that helps to achieve minimum waste from palm oil mill. It combines (aerobic composting process) natural goodness of EFB (empty fruit bunch) and POME (palm oil mill effluent) through recycling concept to produce organic compost.

There are 2 methods used in composting:

  1. Closed system: Into windrow pile, regular turning & mixing and membrane cover.
  2. Open system: Into aerated static pile (no membrane), uses sun shed and periodic turning, .


Benefits of Value+ Compost

  1. Soil conditioning that is good for plant growth besides adding nutrient to the soil.
  2. Good waste management system.
  3. Converting waste to value added product.

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