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ProAuto™ Vertical Sterilization System

A Simple, Efficient & Cost Effective System for palm oil milling

Efficient • Compact • High Yield

Highly Automated • Clean • Safe Less Labour

High Return of Investment • Quality Extraction

ProAuto™    ProSafeVertical Pressure Vessel

ProAuto™ Vertical Sterilization System is a patented technology that improves product recovery & quality with lower cost (capital & operating costs). This improved system replaces the conventional horizontal sterilization system that uses FFB cages, winches/ indexers, rail track, transfer carriages, hoist/ tipper and other handling system. Its also reduces manpower from about 10 to 2 persons. Being a closed system with reduced handling, it provides good manufacturing practices (GMP), graded food safety (HACCP) and meeting RSPO requirements. In addition, it is also safer to operate due to its simple and automated design.

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