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ProAuto™ Vertical Sterilization System

A Quick Comparison of
ProAuto™ Vertical and Conventional Horizontal Systems

Conventional Horizontal

  ProAuto™ Vertical

Steel pressure vessels in horizontal configuration occupy a large ground area proportional to the cyclinder's length and diameter.

Steel pressure vessels in vertical configuration occupy a relatively small ground area.

Requires a large number of steel cages (~USD4,000 per cage) and rail tracks to transfer FFB from loading ramp to the steriization station.

No cages required. FFB are directly transfered from loading ramp to the sterilizer by conveyor.

FFB handling involves a lot of equipments like tipper with pit, conveyor, transfer carriage, winch, indexer, etc.

FFB handling is simple. FFB are fed into the sterilizer by conveyor directly from loading ramp and discharging is automated.

High oil losses resulted from spilled fruits during loading to cages, transfer to sterilizers, from sterilizer to thresher, oil dripping from cages and sterilizer condensate exhaust.

No spilling and dripping. Oil loss during transfer fruit is minimized.

Discharging of sterilized fruit is labour intensive.

Sterilized fruit is discharged via internal auger.

Another difficult handling using crane.

Sterilized fruit is just conveyed up.

Requires a lot of manpower (>5 men) to operate due to its difficulty and multiple machines. Satety is a concern.

Less manpower required because the system is automated, simple and safe.
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